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        Privacy Policy- page 2
                        ( continued from page 1)

You can withdraw your consent at any time by telling me when we have in-person or virtual appointments, emailing me at [email protected], sending a text, or calling my phone and using the words STOP or OPT-OUT.   Your decision to OPT-OUT will not impact your mental health services with me.

     Most web browsers and some mobile operating
     systems and mobile applications include a 
     Do-Not-Track ('DNT") feature or setting you can
     activate to signal your privacy preference not to
     have data about your online browsing activities
     monitored and collected.  At this stage, no 
     uniform technology standard for recognizing and
     implementing DBT signals has been finalized.
     As such, my website does not respond to DNT     browser signals or any mechanizm that     automatically communicates your choice not to     be tracked online.  If a standard for online     tracking is adopted that I must follow in the      future, I will inform you about that practice in a     revised verson of this privacy policy.

     You have the right to request access to and
     receive details about the personal information
     I maintain about you and how I have used it, 
     and correct inaccuracies, and get a copy.   You
     have the right to withdraw your consent.  

     I do not collect the following information without 
     you providing it to me:  name, address,
     telephone number, unique personal identifier,
     online identifier, IP address, or email address.

     I do not collect the following information without 
     you providing it:  gender, age, date of birth,
     race and ethnicity, national origin, marital status,
     and other demographic data.

     I do not collect and financial or payment 
     information without you providing it to me.

     I do not collect fingerprints or voiceprints.

     I do not make any images or audio, video or
     call recordings without your written permission
     and consent.

     I do not collect any professional or employment 
     information about you unless you provide it.

     I do not collect any education informaton  about
     you unless you provide it.

     I will not disclose, sell, or share any personal
     information about you to third parties for any 
     business or commercial purposes other than
     the diclosures necessary to provide mental
     health services to you and the disclosures you
     have authorized or provided consent.

     I do not do any marketing so your personal
     information will not be used to advertise or 
     sold in any way.

    * Right to know whether or not we are processing
      your personal data
    * Right to access your personal data
    * Right to correct inaccuracies in your personal 
    * Right to obtain a copy of the personal data you
      have shared with me
    * Right to non-descrimination for exercising 
      your rights
    * Right to OPT-OUT of the use of your personal       data for various forms of communication          (phone, email, text) without  any negative          consequences.